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Solid Hardwood

Proudly Grown and Manufactured Entirely in USA

Our Solid Hardwood Plank Flooring is made from USDA-Verified Sustainable Lumber, that has
been Air
and Kiln-Dried for 3-6 months PRIOR to Milling, which is crucial in our dry climate: it
prevents bowing,
twisting, cracking and splitting, and also kills insect eggs in the process. UV-Cured
35-Year Oxide
Finish. Lifetime Structural Warranty. VOC-Free. 3/4″ thick. 3-4-5″ and 4-5-6″ Awesome
Variable-Width Patterns that will sure add that custom look to your home! From an
American family to you, this is by far The Best solid hardwood flooring we’ve
ever installed!



Quality Floors 4 Less offers a great selection
of Engineered Hardwood Floors that are 3/8″
to 5/8″ thick!

Some exclusive collections are Authentically Scraped and Distressed by Artisans one plank
at a time. All our products are built with High Grade Cold-Press Plywood Core (crucial in Nevada), a
Generous Top Layer of Premium Hardwood and Factory Applied 8-10 Coats of UV-Cured Oxide Finish
to create a truly unique, stable and durable product. Tongue’n’Groove 4 sides. Vigorously stabilized, naturally
and scientifically air and kiln dried. Impressive 25-50 Yr Warranty.



Quality Floors 4 Less specializes in 12mm (1/2″) Next Generation
Laminate flooring which is perfect for any Home, Rental
Property or Business.

Laminate is a photographic imitation of a wood floor that is actually made from wood: the core-
is recycled pressed paper, a.k.a. High Density Fiberboard (HDF)- a Green product, indeed!
VOC-Free! AC-3&4: Highest Residential and Commercial Ratings. Click-Lock 4 Sides.
Licensed UNILIN Locking System on Select Exclusive Collections. Coated with
UV-Cured Oxide Finish it is Extremely Scratch and Wear resistant with
25-50 Years Warranty. With 250+ colors and styles to chose from,
you’ll be impressed by just how Real some of the Laminates
look today!



Quality Floors 4 Less is excited to announce
our latest Green addition: Wool Carpets and Rugs
by California’s Unique Carpets Ltd. Pure, Natural,
4 Less than you may think.

For thousands of years, wool has been the fiber of choice in carpet and rug manufacturing as it
naturally resists stains and fire. Aside from its heralded performance and unsurpassed aesthetics, 100%
pure wool is an environmentally sound selection in that it is completely biodegradable and, since the
earth’s natural resources are not depleted in its production, it is a rapidly renewable resource. Wool is referred
to as a ‘bio-based’ fiber since its production is fueled by another rapidly renewable resource – grass.